Professor Pier Luigi Dragotti

Imperial College London

Research Talks

  • Model-Based Deep Learning for Inverse Problems,
    I-X Breaking Topics in AI conference, Imperial I-X, November 2023
  • Computational Imaging: Theory and Applications     
    Tampere University, September 2023

  • Timing is everything: model-based and learning-based reconstruction methods for event-driven cameras     
    Edinburgh, May 2023 (see also related papers link1 and link2 ) 
  • Model-Based Deep Learning for Inverse Problems in Imaging
    Singapore, December 2022
  • Sparsity and Deep Neural Networks: a Match Made in Heaven
    University College London, February 2022
  • New Sparse Sampling Methods: Time-based Sampling and Sampling along Trajectories
    Bordeaux, October 2021 (video); Mexico, June 2021
  • New Sparse Sampling Methods: Time-based sampling and sampling along trajectories
  • "When Art meets Science",
  • Science Breaks, London, 10 September 2020, Video Lecture
  • Deep Dictionary Learning Approaches for Image Super-Resolution
    Cambridge University, March 2020
  • Timing is everything: Sparse Sampling based on Time-Encoding Machines,
    plenary at SPARS conference, July 2019
  • Deep Dictionary Learning Approaches for Image Super-Resolution
    Mathematics of Data, Alan Turing Institute, May 2019
  • Signal Processing Methods for Cell Localization and Activity Detection from Calcium Imaging Data,
    Imaging and Applied Optics Congress, Orlando, June 2018
  • Single-Image Super-Resolution: Coupled-dictionary learning vs model-based processing ,
    Summer School, Signal Processing meets Deep Learning,
  • Capri (IT), September 2017
  • Sensing the real world: Sparse Sampling meets Strang-Fix and Baron de Prony

        Gottingen University 16 December 2016
  •     Newcastle University 27 October 2016
        Sheffield University, 23 August 2016.
  • Sparse Signal Processing: Occam in the Age of Abundance
  •       Video Lecture, May 21, 2015, Imperial College London, UK

  • Sampling and Reconstruction driven by Sparsity Models: Theory and Applications
  •     December 9, 2014,                 Edinburgh University, UK
        November 21, 2014                Bristol University, UK

  • Parametric Sparse Sampling: Theory and Applications
  •      June 19, 2014                        GTTI meeting, Palermo, Italy

  • Parametric Sparse Sampling and its Application in Sensor Networks and Neuroscience
  •      April 24, 2014                        KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Approximate Strang-Fix: Sparse Sampling with any Acquisition Device
  •      June 10, 2013                        Summer Research Institute, EPFL,Switzerland

  • Sparse Sampling, (Tutorial)
  •      December 17, 2012                IMA Conference on Signal Processing, Birmingham, UK

  • Layer-Based Representation for Image Based Rendering and Compression
  •       October 25, 2012             ST-Day Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • On the Sampling and Compression of the Plenoptic Function (45MB)
  •      April 27, 2011                  Boston University, Boston, USA