Real, Complex and Quaternion BSE and BSS, complex and quaternion noncircularity, improper signals

We have worked mostly on BSE based on some fundamental properties of sources, such as local predicability, smothness or sparsity, together with the separation of noisy and post-nonlinear mixtures. Applications of these algorithms are in automatic, EEG artifact removal for paradigms like Brain Computer INterface (BCI) or fatigue and microsleep detection in car drivers. We have also developed a class of widely linear, complex, and quaternion BSE and BSS algorithms. See below for our recent contributions in this field.

Legend: MATLAB code, PDF files, Supplements and data.

You can also download some EEG Data used in some of the simulations in the work below. The EEG data contain EOG and EMG artifacts coming from eye blinks, eyebrow raising and eye rolling, and are used in our BSE, BSS, and EMD algorithms. The recordings also contain a 50Hz power line noise. Enjoy!

Complex and quaternion valued BSS and BSE, widely linear model, augmented complex statistics, augmented CLMS, complex kurtosis, augmented quaternion statistics
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Real BSS and BSE, noisy mixtures, post-nonlinear mixtures, adaptive step size
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