Professor Pier Luigi Dragotti

Imperial College London

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April 2020: the Zoom generation. From top left to bottom right: PLD, Maria, Herman, Roxana, Vincent, Junjie, Pingfan, Ecenaz, Marek and Su.


September 2019: we celebrate a few of us passing LSR and ESA exams. From left to right: Junjie, Vincent, Su, Herman, Roxana, Xin, Ecenaz, PLD and Pingfan.

ERC Stand

June 2017: we celebrate ERC 10th Anniversary. From left to right: Xin, PLD, Stephanie and Junjie.

May 2015 - who is ready to be the next rector? From left to right: Pancham, Hojjat, Jon, PLD, Hani,Stephanie, Adam, Madeleine, Loic, Ivy, James, Eagle and John.

April 2014: A bit of celebration is in order here. Adam won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games and  Marco secured the Toshiba Fellowship (one per year over the UK!) From left to right, top row first: Ivy, John, Ziggy, Adam, Madeleine, Thirapiroon,Yingsong, PLD, Marco and Jon.

Mathematics Genealogy Project

Research Areas

Wavelet theory.
Sampling theory.
Sparse Signal Processing
Computational Imaging
Data-Driven Image processing and Image Super-Resolution.