Technical Reports

See below for our current Technical Reports.

Legend: MATLAB code, PDF files, Supplements.

  1. D. Xu, C. Jahanchahi, C. Cheong-Took and D. P. Mandic, "Quaternion Derivatives: The GHR Calculus," Technical Report: TR-IC-Quat-GHR-Calc-08-01-14/1, January 2014.

    Introduces a novel calculus into the quaternion domain, whereby the derivatives admit the product and chain rules. Also provides the analysis and examples.

  2. D. Dini and D. P. Mandic, "Widely Linear Complex Kalman Filters," Technical Report: TR-IC-UDRC-WL-Kalman/0257-09-10-2, September 2010.

    Summarizes the widely linear (augmented) complex Kalman filter (AKF), complex augmented extended Kalman filter (AEKF) and complex augmented unscented Kalman filter (AUKF), originally developed in 'Complex Valued Nonlinear Adaptive Filters', Wiley 2009. Also provides the analysis and examples.

  3. S. Javidi and D. P. Mandic, "A Fast Independent Component Analysis Algorithm for Improper Quaternion Signals," Technical Report: TR-ICU-ICA-1070/06-10, September 2010 - DEcember 2010

    Establishes fast-ICA type blind source separation for vector signals, and takes into account the noncircularity of signal distributions in the quaternion domain. Looks into some EEG applications.

  4. S. Javidi and D. P. Mandic, "Kurtosis Based Blind Source Extraction of Complex Noncircular Signals with Application in EEG Artifact Removal," Technical Report: TR-ICU-BSE-1337/09-10, September 2010.

    Illustrates that by making the symmetric EEG channels complex-valued, we can greatly benefit from accounting for phase information and the notion of circularity, in order to remove eye movement artifacts in real time.

  5. D. P. Mandic, "Signal Processing for Vector Sensors: Crossroads of Tools and Ideas," keynote at ICSPS'10, Dalian, China, July 2010. [pdf]
  6. B. Che Ujang, C. Jahanchahi and C. Cheong Took and D. P. Mandic, "Quaternion Valued Neural Networks and Nonlinear Adaptive Filters," TR-ICU-Quat-Nonlin-EPSRC-0024/07-10, July 2010. [pdf]
  7. C. Cheong-Took and D.P. Mandic, "Augmented Statistics and Widely Linear Modelling of Quaternion Valued Signals," TR-ICU-WL-Quat-Stat-EPSRC-08/2009-02, Nov 2009. [pdf]
  8. M. Pedzisz and D.P. Mandic, "Augmented Complex Statistics for Signal Prediction," TR-ICU-EPSRC-08-07-TR002, Aug 2007. [pdf]
  9. T. Gautama, M. M. Van Hulle, and D. P. Mandic "On the Characterisation of the Deterministic/Stochastic and Linear/Nonlinear Nature of Time Series," TR-ICU-RoySoc-04/04 , (part of final report submitted to the Royal Society), Apr 2004. [pdf] [MATLAB code]