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Professor Dragotti

Research Group

Mathematics Genealogy Project

Group Photos                             

Current Post-Docs

  • Pingfan Song, Lightfield Microscopy, July 2018 -
  • Junjie Huang, Deep Learning for Art Investigation, April 2019-

Current PhD Students

  • Xin Deng, Multi-modal Signal Processing, August 2016 -
  • Roxana Alexandru, Graph Theory and spike-based signal processing, October 2017 -
  • Ecenaz Erdemir, Privacy Preserving Signal Processing, November 2017 -
  • Su Yan, Image Processing for art investigation, September 2018-
  • Vincent Leung, Machine Learning, October 2018-
  • Herman Verinaz Jadan, Lightfield Microscopy, December 2018-
  • Marek Hilton, Spike-based signal processing, October 2019-
  • Maria Villafane, Image Processing for Art Investigation, October 2019-

Former PhD Students

Former Post-Docs

  • Matteo Maggioni, (now at Foundry)  RecoSamp, September 2015 -February 2017
  • Yingsong Zhang, (now Data Scientist at ASI), RecoSamp, September 2012 -September 2015
  • Hani Muammar, (now with CA Traffic),  Rewind, October 2011 - March 2014
  • Adam Scholefield, (now post-doc at EPFL) Image Super-Resolution, October 2013-June 2014)
  • Marco Visentini Scarzanella, (now with IBM Research Tokyo, Japan) Rewind, October 2011 -May 2014.
  • Andy Yu, (now with Imagination Technologies) Unsupervised 3-D multiview scene learning and updating in a changing environment, July 2007-July 2008.
  • Jesse Berent (now with Google Inc., Zurich Switzerland), Image Based Rendering, November 2008-September 2009.
  • Ying Weng,(now Lecturer at Bangor University) Image Based Rendering, November 2009-July 2009.


September 2019: we celebrate a few of us passing LSR and ESA exams. From left to right: Junjie, Vincent, Su, Herman, Roxana, Xin, Ecenaz, PLD and Pingfan.

ERC Stand

June 2017: we celebrate ERC 10th Anniversary. From left to right: Xin, PLD, Stephanie and Junjie.

May 2015 - who is ready to be the next rector? From left to right: Pancham, Hojjat, Jon, PLD, Hani,Stephanie, Adam, Madeleine, Loic, Ivy, James, Eagle and John.

April 2014: A bit of celebration is in order here. Adam won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games and  Marco secured the Toshiba Fellowship (one per year over the UK!) From left to right, top row first: Ivy, John, Ziggy, Adam, Madeleine, Thirapiroon,Yingsong, PLD, Marco and Jon.