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Professor Dragotti

Plenoptic Signal and Image Processing

The availability of multiple views of a scene enables numerous new and exciting applications ranging from 3D and free viewpoint television to robust scene interpretation and object tracking. However, there are still many open challenging issues in terms of processing primarily due to the shear amount of data involved when the number of cameras becomes very large. It is therefore a primordial point to understand how the information is structured and how to take advantage of the inherent redundancy when
the cameras are looking at the same scene.

The goal is to understand the nature of the data in multi-view imaging systems particularly in terms of structure and coherence. Specifically, we study the extraction of coherent regions and occlusion boundaries which is an important issue in numerous multi-view image processing applications such as synthesis of novel views, compression and scene understanding.

Overview Talk (45MB)

Demo on Light-field Interpolation

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Research Areas

Wavelet theory.
Sampling theory.
Image and video processing and compression.
Image Based Rendering and Image Super-Resolution.
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