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Scope of the Book

Knowledge extraction and information fusion have long be studied in various areas of computer science, and the number of applications for this class of techniques has been steadily growing. Since features and other parameters that describe a process under consideration are extracted directly from the data, it is natural to ask ourselves whether we can use signal processing techniques for this purpose.
The use of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques has tremendous potential in this context, since DSP techniques are well equipped for problems where noise, uncertainty and complexity play major roles. This synergy of knowledge extraction and statistical signal processing is still under- explored, but with tremendous potential and is a subject of this edited book.
This book therefore aims at bringing together latest research achievements from various areas of signal processing and related disciplines in order to consolidate the existing and propose new directions in DSP based knowledge extraction and information fusion.

Chapters and Authors

    I. Collaborative Signal Processing Algorithms

  1. "Collaborative Adaptive Filters for Online Knowledge Extraction and Information Fusion" (sample chapter)
    Beth Jelfs, Phebe Vayanos, Su Lee Goh and Danilo P. Mandic
    Imperial College London, UK and Shell Exploration and Production, The Netherlands

  2. "Wind Modeling and its Possible Application to Control of Wind Farms"
    Yoshito Hirata, Hideyuki Suzuki and Kazuyuki Aihara
    Institute for Industrial Science, University of Tokyo, Japan

  3. "Hierarchical Filters in a Collaborative Filtering Framework for System Identification and Knowledge Retrieval"
    Christos Boukis and Anthony Constantinides
    Athens Instiute of Technology, Greece and Imperial College London, UK

  4. "Acoustic Parameter Extraction From Occupied Rooms Utilizing Blind Source Separation"
    Yonggang Zhang and Jonathon A. Chambers
    Loughborough University, UK

  5. II. Signal Processing For Source Localization

  6. "Sensor Network Localization Using Least Squares Kernel Regression"
    Anthony Kuh and Chaopin Zhu
    University of Hawaii and Juniper Networks, USA

  7. "Adaptive Localization in Wireless Networks"
    Henning Lenz, Bruno Betoni Parodi, Hui Wang, Andrei Szabo, Joachim Bamberger, Dragan Obradovic, Joachim Horn and Uwe Hanebeck
    Siemens Corporate Research, Germany

  8. "Signal Processing Methods for Doppler Radar Heart Rate Monitoring"
    Anders Host-Madsen, Nicolas Petrochilos, Olga Boric-Lubecke, Victor M. Lubecke, Byung-Kwon Park and Qin Zhou
    University of Hawaii, Kai Sensors Inc. and Broadcom Inc., USA

  9. "Multimodal Fusion for Car Navigation Systems"
    Dragan Obradovic, Henning Lenz, Markus Schupfner and Kai Heesche
    Siemens Corporate Research, Germany

  10. III. Information Fusion In Imaging

  11. "Cue and Sensor Fusion for Independent Moving Objects Detection and Description in Driving Scenes"
    Nikolay Chumerin and Marc M. Van Hulle
    KU Leuven, Belgium

  12. "Distributed Vision Networks for Human Pose Analysis"
    Hamid Aghajan, Chen Wu and Richard Kleihorst
    Stanford University, USA and Philips Eindhoven, Netherlands

  13. "Skin Color Separation and Synthesis for E-cosmetics"
    Norimichi Tsumura, Nobutoshi Ojima, Toshiya Nakaguchi and Yoichi Miyake
    Chiba University and Kao Corporation, Japan

  14. "ICA for Fusion of Brain Imaging Data"
    Vince Calhoun and Tülay Adali
    Mind Institute New Mexico and University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA

  15. IV. Knowledge Extraction In Brain Science

  16. "Complex Empirical Mode Decomposition for Multichannel Information Fusion"
    Danilo P. Mandic, George Souretis, Wai Yie Leong, David Looney, Marc M. Van Hulle and Toshihisa Tanaka
    Imperial College London, UK, KU Leuven, Belgium and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

  17. "Information Fusion for Perceptual Feedback: A Brain Activity Sonification Approach"
    Tomasz M. Rutkowski, Andrzej Cichocki and Danilo P. Mandic
    RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan and Imperial College London, UK

  18. "Advanced EEG Signal Processing in Brain Death Diagnosis"
    Jiangting Cao and Zhe Chen
    Saitama Institute of Technology, Japan and Harvard University, USA

  19. "Automatic Knowledge Extraction: Fusion of Human Expert Ratings and Biosignal Features for Fatigue Monitoring Applications"
    Martin Golz and David Sommer
    University of Applied Science Schmalkalden, Germany


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Final Manuscript - 20 September 2007

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