Research Interests

Distributed Quantum Computing
Software Defined Networks (SDN), Network Virtualization, Software Defined Coalitions (SDC)
Indoor Localization (algorithms, technologies, systems)
Machine Learning (GANs, VAs, ML for anomaly detection, ML application to communication signals and networks)
Financial Signal Processing (financial bubble detection, asset clustering and portfolio diversification)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Cross-layer network protocol design, performance analysis and optimization
Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications
Optimisation theory and techniques for packet networks
Network Coding
Graph Theory
Probabilities and Statistics, Queueing Theory, Process Modeling

Research Projects

I have been involved in the following research projects:

Distributed Quantum Computing, sponsored by EPSRC, U.K. [Researcher and Project Manager]
Software Defined Slicing (SDS), sponsored by U.K. MoD.
UDRD3 Electromagnetic Environment (EM) Theme: Signal Sensing, Design and Delivery for Electronic Warfare, sponsored by U.K. MoD.
RCSD Localization – Advanced signal processing techniques for underwater object detection and localization, sponsored by U.K. MoD. [Key researcher and Project Manager]
University Research Defence Centre (UDRC) - Phase 1, sponsored by U.K. MOD and EPSRC. [Project Manager]
International Technology Alliance in Distributed Analytics and Information Sciences (DAIS-ITA), funded by U.S. Army and U.K. MoD.
International Technology Alliance (IBM/ITA), funded by U.S. Army and U.K. MoD.
Multi-Element Multihop Backhaul Reconfigurable Antenna Network (MEMBRANE), funded by the European Commission (FP6-IST)
Capturing Ambient Intelligence for Mobile Communications through Wireless Sensor Networks (e-SENSE), funded by the European Commission (FP6-IST)
Mobile-IP Network Developments (MIND), funded by the European Commission (FP5-IST)
Virtual Centre of Excellence In Mobile and Personal Communications (Mobile-VCE) - Core 5 Research Program
Smart Management for Sustainable Human Environment (SmartEN) , funded by the European Commission (Marie Curie ITN)
Mobile Environmental Sensing System Across a Grid Environment (MESSAGE), sponsored by the U.K. Department for Transport and EPSRC.
Wired and Wireless Intelligent Networked Systems (WINES), sponsored by the EPSRC, U.K.
Mobility Profiling in WiFi Networks. Sponsored by the EPSRC - Pathways to Impact Award.