I have been collaborating with various companies for projects related to communication networks, prototype development, network planning, process modeling, data analytics and system simulations. If you are interested please send me an email for requesting further information and arranging a meeting.

Current and Past Collaborators

Thayer Brook Partners Investment Management LLP - Consultant/Academic Advisor: Data analytics and machine learning techniques for algorithmic trading.

FIREBRAND Training Ltd. U.K. - EMCDSA course development: course material (450 slides) for the EMC Data Science E20-007 exam, including practice tests and lab training material.

Outsmart Insight, U.K. - Technology Forecasting (Consultant/Work Package Leader): Investigate the applicability of THz band/technology in on-board aircraft (EUROFIGHTER) communications - a report to BAE Systems.

Schroders Asset Management, U.K. - Consultant/Academic Advisor: Advice and assist Schroders' quantitative finance and asset management team on matters related to signal processing for finance, such as asset diversification, clustering and classification techniques, spectral portfolio optimization, machine learning etc.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Pharmaceutical - Process modelling (through queuing theory and simulations) to consult GSK and King's College London on resourcing levels for the blood and urine sample testing system for the London Olympics 2012.

Ovum's Telecoms Consulting Group London (a report to Qualcomm and GSMA) - Business model and impact assessment of UMTS900 technology in 900MHz: Network planning, CAPEX/OPEX estimations and channel modeling for GSM and WCDMA in 900MHz frequency band.