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  1. Revue 2005
  2. Revue 2006
  3. Revue 2008
  4. Revue 2009

Revue 2005

Band: E3E

I joined some of my fellow EEE students (Bryan Chan, Ramanan Rajaraman and Min Aung) at the last minute to help out with percussion and vocals for a few covers including Hotel California by The Eagles, Time of Your Life by Green Day and Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Revue 2006

Video: The Land of Electronic Engineering


It struck me that many of the lecturers and ancillary staff in the EEE department sounded like places or characters in a fantasy film (or could at least be tweaked slightly for the joke to work).

I put together a video with Richard Arckless about a 1st year student who hadn't completed his lab experiment and tries to make a run for it. The lab coordinator, Dr. Tom Tate, radios "Mike" (Mike Harbour), "Papa" (Christos Papavassiliou) and "Victor" (Victor Boddy) to chase after him, during which time he stumbles upon a sign informing him that in an emergency he should pull Keith Lever (Keith Leaver) and seek the Fobelets Crystals (Krystal Fobelets). This magically transports him to an enchanted forest, marking the entrance to The Land of Electronic Engineering. During his quest, he must scale Javier Barrier (Javier Barria), then cross the perilous Mike Brook (Mike Brookes), evading attack by Peter Beaver (Peter Beevor) and Tom Pike. He makes his way through Marilyn Wood, across Tim Green and into Jeremy Pit (Jeremy Pitt). At his darkest moment, he finds the Fobelets Crystals, sets sail from Mike Harbour and returns to the EEE department where he is finally captured by the lab staff. Waiting in the corridor to be disciplined, it dawns on him that the Fobelets Crystals must somehow have the power to save him. He holds them tight, and a magical transformation occurs...

I set the film to parts of Hans Zimmer's soundtrack to the film Gladitor, timing the scenes to the music to make it feel as if it had been composed especially for me. Unfortunately YouTube got wind of this as it infringed some copyright laws, so the YouTube version is now set to Hello by Evanescence.

Band: 3dBs

This was my first time as a pianist with the 3dBs (Danny Harvey — lead guitar, Paul Norman — backing guitar/vocals and Amine Halimi — bass guitar). We performed three of four pieces we rehearsed (that's another story entirely), consisting of Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie, Something by the Beatles and a piece I wrote for a girl in high school back in 1999, Where Did I Go Wrong?, vocals performed by me. Sadly she never heard it...

The following is a excerpt where I sing my piece. I was a little nervous at first which is reflected in my tuning. One of the rehearsals can be downloaded here.


Revue 2008

Band: 3dBs

The lead vocalist, Paul Norman, was unable to attend the 2008 gig so he was replaced relatively last minute by Phil Jones from the Heavy Machine Workshop. As a Welshman we assumed he'd be a good singer. It's frustrating when people don't live up to stereotypes. We performed only two pieces: It's my Life by Jon Bon Jovi and Here I Go Again by Whitesnake.

Revue 2009

Band: 3dBs

Our studio was without power for many months leading up to the 2009 EESOC Revue, which was restored only two weeks before the event. This year we were lucky to recruit Attakorn 'Ohm' Saiyasombat as a live drummer (in previous years we had always used a backing track). Owing to the lack of rehearsal time, we performed only two pieces: Fool For Your Lovin' by Whitesnake and Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams but they were well-received nevertheless.