I’m always looking for outstanding and self-motivated PhD students. More information on the application process and funding opportunities is available here.


  • Mengfan Zheng
  • Fuchun Lin

Past postdocs

  • Dr Antonio Campello (now with)
  • Dr Zheng Wang (now with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)
  • Dr ​Anastasios Papazafeiropoulos (now with)
  • Dr Changick Song (now with Korea National University of Transportation)
  • Dr Wen-Qin Wang (now with UESTC)
  • Dr Bashar Ahmad (now with Cambridge University)
  • Dr Jason Filos (now at Qualcomm)
  • Dr Laura Luzzi (now with ENSEA, France)

Postdoctoral fellowships

In addition to occasional funding from myself, there are opportunities of postdoctoral research fellowships:

PhD students with excellent publication records are strongly encouraged to apply.

PhD Students

  • Charles Grover (Topic: lattice cryptography)
  • Jiabo Wang (Topic: polar codes)
  • Nitish Mital (Topic: coded caching, jointly with Dr Deniz Gunduz)
  • Conghui Li (Topic: lattices)
  • Christian Porter (Topic: lattice reduction)
  • David Joseph (Topic: quantum computing and lattice algorithms, jointly with Dr Florian Mintert)
  • Edmund Dable-Heath (Topic: post-quantum)

Past PhD Students

  • Jinwen Shi (Topic: polar codes)
  • Shanxiang Lyu (Topic: lattice codes and algorithms)
  • Peng Zhang (Topic: compressed sensing)
  • William Liu (Topic: lattice network coding)
  • Ling Liu (Topic: polar codes and quantum communications)
  • Yanfei Yan (Topic: physical layer security)
  • M. Constanza Estela Z. (Topic: interference management)
  • Kezhi Li (Topic: compressed sensing)
  • Shuiyin Liu (Topic: lattice technique for MIMO/broadcast, now with Monash University)
  • Haishi Ning (Topic: cooperative networks, jointly with Prof. K. Leung, now with Goldman Sachs)
  • Su Gao (Topic: distributed source coding, now with Huawei)
  • Khalid Nur (Topic: localization, jointly with Prof. W. Ochieng, now with Imperial College)

Information for prospective students

If you want to apply for admission, you are advised to apply through the PhD Admission of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. If you are interested in my research areas, please suggest Dr. Cong Ling as your future supervisor in the application form. You are recommended to pursue the MSc degree first (although this is not mandatory) if you have a Bachelor degree only. Feel free to contact me should you have any queries. I apologize that I am unable to reply to everyone due to the large number of emails. I will contact you if further information is needed.

Departmental funding is available to support PhD students. The College also runs a number of scholarships for PhD students. In particular, excellent applicants who are nationals of China are advised to apply for the CSC-Imperial Scholarship or the CSC Scholarship.

Academic Visitors

  • Wei Liang, Chengdu University of Electronic Sicence and Technology, China, (2013)
  • Xiang Li, National University of Defense Technology, China (2011)
  • Xiaomei Fu, Tianjin University, China (2009)
  • Daniel Valderas, CEIT, Spain (2008)