Dr Yingsong Zhang


Yingsong is a post-doctoral reserach assossiate working with Dr. Pier Luigi Dragotti on modern sampling theorey (sampling with Finite Rate of Innovation, sparsity).

She is also in collaboration with Dr. Simon Schultz's group, on applying modern sampling theory in bio-imaging and neural signal processing.

Yingsong obtained her Ph.D. in 2012 from Universiry of Cambridge, under the supervison of Prof. Nick Kingsbury. Before that, she got her M.Sc at Dept. Automation, Tsinghua University and B.Sc. at Dept. Mathematics, East China Normal University.

Research Interests

  • Sub-Nyquist sampling theory (sampling with Finite Rate of Innovation, sparsity, filter design)
  • Sparse signal reconstruction
  • Wavelet based signal/image processing
  • Image modeling (wavelet domain)
  • Deconvolution, inverse problem, 
  • Higher order statistics in seismic signal processing