PULSERS Project Phase II
at Imperial College

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PULSERS stands for 'Pervasive Ultrawideband Low Spectral Energy Radio Systems'.

The PULSERS project is an EU-funded research project with multi-national participation, which aims at exploration of the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio technology and enabling introduction of new services, applications and devices using this technology.

PULSERS project has three phases:
    • Phase I:     Dec. 2003 -- Dec. 2005
    • Phase II:     Jan. 2006 -- Jun. 2008
    • Phase III:   18 months as suggested

PULSERS Project Phase II:
    has total cost €20.7m,
    receives €12.4m from European Commission's 6th framework programme - IST.


    • WP1: Manegement
    • WP2: Very High Data Rate (VHDR) UWB System Approaches
          WP2a: VHDR MBOFDM Concept Platform
          WP2c: VHDR Systems - Analogue Approaches
    • WP3: Low Data Rate (LDR) and Location TRacking (LT) Platforms
          WP3a: Integrated Solution for LDR-LT
          WP3b: UWB Sensor Networks for Industrial and Logistics Applications
          WP3c: LDR System for Body Area Network (BAN) Applications
    • WP4: UWB and WLAN/Cellular System Interoperation and Coexistence Study
    • WP5: Multiple Antenna System for UWB
    • WP6: Regulation and Standardisation


GWT (D, Project Coordinator), TES Electronic Solutions (D), STMicroelectronics (I), University of Oulu (FIN), WISAIR (IL), IMST (D), Telefonica I+D (ES), ETH Zürich (CH), Thales Communications (F), CEA/LETI (F), VTT Electronics (FIN), Ilmenau University of Technology (D), ARMINES/ENSTA (F), Karlsruhe University (D), Dresden University of Technology (D), ACORDE (ES), CSEM (CH), France Telecom R&D (F), IHP (D), MITSUBISHI (NL), ROBOTIKER (ES), Zaragoza University (ES), IMEC (B), PHILIPS CE (NL), I2R (SG), Imperial College (UK), Sennheiser (D), EADS (D), HOMEGA (F), Rome University “La Sapienza” (I), RADIO-LABS (I), Lancaster University (UK), CREATE-NET (I), TES Electronic Solutions (UK), Freescale (D), Duisburg-Essen University (D)

Project Summary in pdf version

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This project is funded from the European Community's 6th Framework Programme