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International Technology Alliance in Network & Information Sciences

Principle investigator: Professor Kin K. Leung

@ Electrical Engineering Department

10-year research project
Jointly funded by the UK Ministry of Defence and US Army Research Lab
Beginning in May 2006


ITA (International Technology Alliance) is a collaborative partnership between the US Army Research Laboratories, the UK Ministry of Defense and a consortium of industries and universities in US and UK. The goal of the alliance is to foster a new way of working among researchers in both nations, where the members of the alliance seek to break down barriers, build relationships, develop mutual understanding and work in partnership to develop technology for the US and UK military.

The alliance will address research issue in four technical areas: Network Theory, Security Across a System of Systems; Sensor Information Processing & Delivery and Distributed Coalition Planning & Decision Making. It will illustrate the application of the synergistic combination of these technical areas to network centric warfare and network enabling capabilities in support of all missions required of today's military forces including humanitarian support, peacekeeping, and full combat operations in any kind of terrain, but especially in complex and urban terrain.

The alliance will create a critical mass of private sector and Government scientists and engineers focused on solving the military technology challenges in network centric warfare for both countries as well as supporting and stimulating dual-use applications of this research and technology to benefit commercial use. 


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