Laboratory Members

Mike BrookesMike Brookes


Mike Brookes’s research concentrates on the application of signal processing algorithms to speech and image processing and to software radio systems. He combines expertise in signal processing and digital system design and is interested both in the development of new algorithms and in their real-time hardware implementation.

Patrick NaylorPatrick A. Naylor


Patrick Naylor’s interests are in the areas of speech and audio signal processing and he has worked in particular on adaptive signal processing for acoustic echo control, SIMO/MIMO acoustic system identification and equalization, classification including speech and speaker recognition, multi-channel speech enhancement and speech production modeling.

Alastair Moore

Research Associate

Alastair’s research interests lie in the field of spatial audio and room acoustics. He is working on the CLEAR project which will employ audio analysis and speech dereverberation in law enforcement applications.

Christine EversChristine Evers

EPSRC Research Fellow

Christine Evers’s research interests are in the area of Bayesian signal processing. She is awarded an EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship to work on “Acoustic Signal Processing and Scene Analysis for Socially Assistive Robots”, involving acoustic SLAM, multi-source tracking, and sensor fusion.

Sina Hafezi

Research Postgraduate
Sina’s research interests are in the field of audio signal processing specialised in Spatial Audio and Room Acoustics. He is working on Source Localization for Spherical Microphone Arrays.

Leo Lightburn

Research Postgraduate

Leo’s research is in the area of speech enhancement. He is currently investigating methods for improving the intelligibility of very noisy speech signals.


Costas Yiallourides

Research Postgraduate

Costas’s research interests lie in the field of audio signal processing. He is currently working on an interdisciplinary project which will employ audio analysis on knee acoustic signals in order to identify osteoarthritis and assess the disease severity on the knee joints.

Wei Xue

Research Associate

Wei’s research is in the field of microphone array speech signal processing. He is currently working on speaker localisation in reverberant environments. Wei is also interested in speech enhancement and sound source separation by using single/multi-channel algorithms.

Nikolaos Dionelis

Research Postgraduate

Nikolaos’ research interests include single-channel speech enhancement, blind speech dereverberation, speech denoising, speech separation, speech quality and intelligibility improvement, modulation-domain Kalman filtering in noisy and reverberant environments, speech and audio signal processing, machine learning and signal processing using statistical and probabilistic methods.

Constantinos Papayiannis

Research Postgraduate

Constantinos’s research is in the area of dereverberation. The long-term research aim is to suggest novel dereverberation methods based on machine-learning algorithms and statistical-methods which exploit structure in data.

Peter Dawson

Research Postgraduate

Peter’s research is in acoustic imaging. The aim is to develop a technique to identify objects based on their surface texture by analysing the scattering of acoustic waves when received by a sensor array.

Aidan Hogg

Research Postgraduate

Aidan’s research is in speaker diarisation which aims at answering the question ‘which speaker spoke when?’. More formally this requires the unsupervised identification of each speaker within an audio stream and the intervals during which each speaker is active.

Vincent Neo

Research Postgraduate

Vincent’s research interest is in adaptive signal processing for blind system identification and blind source separation. The aim is to develop novel techniques that can improve the acoustic awareness of robots.




There are no current visitors.


Former Visitors

Enzo De Sena

Postdoctoral Researcher, KU Leuven, Dept. of Electrical Engineering (ESAT), STADIUS Center for Dynamical Systems, Signal Processing and Data Analytics, Leuven, Belgium

Enzo’s research interests are in the field of multichannel audio systems, psychoacoustics of spatial hearing, room acoustics, and microphone array processing.

Gema Piñero (April-July 2016)

Assoc. Prof., Inst. Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain.

Gema’s research interest is in applications on wireless acoustic sensor networks (WASN) with multiple loudspeakers: crosstalk cancellation, active noise control and personal sound zones.

Benjamin CauchiBenjamin Cauchi (April-September 2015)

PhD Student, Fraunhofer IDMT, Oldenburg, Germany

After visiting us in 2012, Benjamin returned to Imperial to pursue his work on speech enhancement in reverberant conditions.
His research interests lie in dereverberation algorithms and their evaluation using both instrumental and subjective measures.

Niccolò Antonello (April-September 2015)

PhD Student, KU Leuven, Dept. of Electrical Engineering (ESAT), STADIUS Center for Dynamical Systems, Signal Processing and Data Analytics, Leuven, Belgium

Niccolò’s research interests lie in room acoustics impedance identification, dereverberation, source localization, sound reproduction and multi-zone sound control in reverberant environments using optimization algorithms.

Christoph Nelke (October-November 2014)

PhD Student, Institute of Communication Systems and Data Processing, Aachen, Germany

Christoph is working on the enhancement of speech signals which are disturbed by wind noise.

Renata Coelho Borges (April-October 2013)

PhD Student, Digital Signal Processing Research Laboratory, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Renata’s research is in the area of biomedical signal processing, specifically for hearing aids. It focuses on active noise control and adaptive filters for reducing the occlusion effect and acoustic feedback.

Amir MuaremiAmir Muaremi (March-August 2010)

MSc Student, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Amir’s research interests are in clipping detection and restoration for speech signals.

Christian Fischer PedersenChristian Fischer Pedersen (May-June 2010)

Research Postgraduate, Aalborg University, Denmark

Christian’s research interests are in deconvolution and estimation of voice source and vocal tract filter characteristics in speech. Previous research topics include user centric design methods for mobile and wireless systems, and automatic finite element mesh generation.

Rudy RotiliRudy Rotili (January-June 2010)

Research Postgraduate, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy

Rudy’s research interests are in speech enhancement, blind system identification and approximate channel equalization.




Former Laboratory Members

Hana AzizHana Aziz

Research Postgraduate

Hana’s research is addressing the important field of signal processing and, in particular, is investigating the relationship between metrics and perception of reverberation in audio and acoustics. This topic has applications to mobile communications with hands-free modality as well as desktop conferencing and telepresence.

Vinesh BhunjunVinesh Bhunjun

Research Postgraduate

Vinesh’s research dealt with the application of signal processing algorithms to speech processing particularly to the field of single-channel speech enhancement. Some of the themes explored are signal representation, eigenanalysis of speech signals, estimation techniques, minimum statistics, and speech modelling.

Clément Doire

Research Postgraduate, Research Assistant

Clément’s research is focused on single-channel estimation of reverberation parameters as well as single-channel online dereverberation optimized for a set of defined scenarios. He also works on quantifying the impact on speech intelligibility of combined noise and reverberation.

James Eaton

Research Associate

James’ research is focused on estimation of acoustic parameters such as reverberation time, direct-to-reverberant energy ratio, and clipping from speech degraded by additive, convolutive, and non-linear degradations.

Jason FilosJason Filos

Research Postgraduate, Research Assistant

Jason’s research is focused on acoustic signal processing and he has worked in particular on geometric inference, microphone arrays, blind system identification (SIMO/MIMO) and source localization. He was involved in the SCENIC project.

Nikolay GaubitchNikolay Gaubitch

Research Associate

Nick’s research interests are in reverberant speech enhancement, blind system identification, approximate channel equalization, multirate signal processing and AR modeling of reverberant speech. He was involved in the CLEAR project.

Sira GonzalezSira Gonzalez

Research Postgraduate

Sira’s research focuses on the enhancement of low-quality speech signals. She will concentrate on improving speech intelligibility by means of a time-frequency binary mask.

Jon GudnasonJon Gudnason

Research Associate

Jon’s research interests are voice modelling and front-end processing for speech- and speaker recognition and pattern recognition techniques such as Markov Modelling applied to those tasks. More specifically he is interested in seeing how different components in the speech signal, such as closed and open phases in voiced speech and stops and fricatives in unvoiced speech contribute to the recognition process. Jon is currently an Assistant Professor at Reykjavik University, Iceland.

Emanuel HabetsEmanuël Habets

Research Associate, Research Fellow

Emanuël Habets’s research interests are in the areas of speech and audio signal processing, and he has worked in particular on speech dereverberation, microphone array processing, echo cancellation and suppression, system identification and equalization, and localization and tracking of stationary and moving acoustic sources. He is currently a professor in Perception-based Spatial Audio Signal Processing at International Audio Laboratories Erlangen (a joint institution of Fraunhofer IIS and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg).

Mathieu Hu

Research Postgraduate

Mathieu’s research is focused on investigating inverse problems in a multi-channel context using estimates of channel identification error level and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

Daniel JarrettDaniel Jarrett

Research Postgraduate, Postdoctoral Researcher

Daniel’s research is in the field of spherical microphone arrays, and their potential application to parameter estimation (direction of arrival, signal-to-diffuse ratio) and speech enhancement (noise reduction and dereverberation).

Hamza JavedHamza Javed

Research Postgraduate

Hamza’s research is in the field of array signal processing, specifically in the development of algorithms for improved signal acquisition in reverberant and noisy environments.

Andy KhongAndy Khong

Research Associate

Andy Khong’s research interests were mainly in the area of adaptive algorithms both in time and frequency domains, as well as their analysis with applications to single and multichannel acoustic echo cancellation and
speech enhancement. He was also working on multi-modal sensor fusion for parameter security systems. He is currently an Assistant Professor at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Felicia Lim

Research Postgraduate

Felicia’s research is in the area of speech enhancement, and in particular, focuses on the dereverberation of acoustic signals through equalization of a room’s acoustic impulse responses.

Xiang (Shawn) LinXiang (Shawn) Lin

Research Postgraduate

Shawn’s research interest is mainly on the blind multichannel acoustic system identification with robustness to common zeros, which has been considered as one of the channel identifiability conditions so far. Shawn likes everything relevant to cars, although he hasn’t been able to afford a car himself. He could also be helpful when specific softwares, eBooks or even computer games and latest movies are needed.

Pradeep LoganathanPradeep Loganathan

Research Postgraduate, Research Associate

Pradeep’s research focused on the development of time and frequency domain adaptive filtering algorithms, that are robust to changes in the sparseness of the impulse response.

Uttachai Manmontri

Uttachai Manmontri

Research Postgraduate

Uttachai’s research focused on design and analysis of gradient-based algorithms for blind signal separation (BSS) and blind signal extraction (BSE). He is now back in Thailand for the next step of his career.

Pablo Peso ParadaPablo Peso Parada

Research Postgraduate

Pablo’s research is targeted towards the study of the impact of reverberation on automatic speech recognition (ASR) and design of speech recognition techniques robust to reverberation.

Dushyant SharmaDushyant Sharma

Research Postgraduate

Dushyant’s research is in the area of Speech Enhancement and he will be developing new algorithms that take into account useful knowledge about the speech signal to be enhanced. He worked as part of a small team investigating new techniques for Speech Enhancement. He is now a researcher at Nuance Communications in Marlow, UK.

Richard StantonRichard Stanton

Research Postgraduate

Richard’s research focuses on the use of multiple microphone arrays and the area of spatial filtering; in particular the capture and generation of sound in isolated volumes.

Mark ThomasMark R. P. Thomas

Research Associate

Mark’s research area is multichannel speech processing. He enjoys seeing theory come to life in real-time hardware, both for his research and his hobbies. As a keen musician he likes to spend time singing in choirs and jamming on the piano in his band down in the EE basement. When he’s doing none of the above he can usually be found playing snooker, in his garage tinkering with his car or on his motorbike blasting round Surrey’s quick B-roads. He is now a post doctoral researcher at Microsoft Research.

Manolis TsakirisManolis Tsakiris

MSc Student

Manolis is interested in adaptive filtering and matrix analysis. In his free time he practices at aikido and reads crime novels. Manolis is currently a postgraduate researcher at Johns Hopkins University.

Yu Wang

Research Postgraduate

Yu’s research is in the area of speech enhancement, and specifically, he focuses on the enhancement of noisy speech corrupted by additive noise using mathematical models in the modulation domain or time-frequency domain.

Jimi WenJimi Wen

Research Postgraduate

Jimi’s research interests are in audio signal processing, but as our ears play many tricks on us, he believes we have to analyze the signal from the view of our auditory systems instead of visualizing it. In his spare time he likes to make music and perform at small gigs. He is also a die hard fan of soccer, basketball, American football and baseball. And what ever time is left he enjoys cooking, fashion and hair design.

Wancheng ZhangWancheng Zhang

Research Postgraduate

Wancheng’s research focused on fast equalization of room acoustics, which is robust to system identification errors.