Post-summer news catch up

It’s been a busy summer. Congratulations to Richard Stanton, who passed his PhD Viva in August. Then in September it was conference season with the following papers being presented by members of our group. EUSIPCO IWAENC

PhD success!

Congratulations to Felicia Lim and James Eaton who both passed their PhD vivas this week. Felicia is now working at Google while James remains in the lab as a research associate. Well done both.

Guest Speaker: Jesper Jensen

On 14 April we were pleased to welcome Jesper Jensen from Oticon to give a talk on “Hearing Aid Signal Processing – Selected Topics”. Jesper was visiting the lab as part of our EPSRC-funded E-LOBES project.

Guest speaker: Ina Kodrasi

Today the Speech and Audio Processing group welcomed Dr Ina Kodrasi from the Signal Processing Group at the University of Oldenburg to give a research seminar. Her talk, “Joint dereverberation and noise reduction based on acoustic multi-channel equalization,” was based on her PhD work and was very well received. Thanks, Ina!