iCore seminar by Dr. Moez Draief (Huawei Technologies, Paris, France)
04 April 2017 (Tuesday) - from 11:00 to 12:00
1109A (CAP Seminar Room), level 11, EEE Dept. @ Imperial College

Moez Draief is Head of Noah's Ark Lab in Paris, Huawei Technologies. Previous to joining, he was on the faculty of the EEE department of Imperial College London. His research is at the intersection of graph theory and machine learning with application to online social networks and communication systems.

Seminar Title: "Parsimonious and Adaptive Network Monitoring"

Abstract: Network measurement is paramount to running communication networks. Yet capturing relevant measurements is generally costly in terms of network resources and overhead. I will illustrate through the example of radio map completion in wireless networks, how one can leverage tools from compressed sensing to adaptively collect new measurements in order to recover the most accurate snapshot of the network state which is crucial to allocate communication resources effectively.

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