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Project overview



A group of researchers works on sensors networks, where they solve several network-level problems.


Firstly, an algorithm for localization of sensors should determine the position with a sufficient accuracy. Providing the precise measurements in a tunnel or inside a metal body of a bridge is a very challenging task.


Secondly, all network-level operations should be consolidated into a lightweight cross-layer protocol to limit power consumption for networking operations. Signal reception and processing, localization, routing and scheduling, synchronization, and other functionalities should be performed without unnecessary encapsulation in the network stack. Nevertheless, the sensors network should be mapped onto IP stack.


Third aim is to find characteristics of a trade-off between processing of the sensed data, power consumption, and radio link congestion. An optimal solution for gathering data must be found in order to provide long-living system capable of transmitting significant amount of data.


What is WINES?

WINES is a project of a network of wireless sensors (WNS) for condition assessment and monitoring of infrastructure. WNS aids engineers in detecting defects in the structure of constructions.


What is WINES for?

WINES is an answer to concerns about how to look after the well‑being of the oldest and the most critical bridges, tunnels and water supply systems in UK.


What are the benefits from developing WINES?

WINES will let engineers to assess constructions’ condition more accurately and much faster. Also less human-resources will be needed to examine the civil engineering structure where WSN was deployed.



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