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News and Events – the calendar







Nov 6, 2008 :: 


fifth general meeting – in London. Reports documenting the two years of works in the project will be discussed


Aug 9, 2008 :: 


the ICCCN 2008, has just finished where our paper on clique-based localization was published.  For details, please see Publications


June 27, 2008 :: 


we have just kicked-off a phase of implementation of our algorithms.  We had two meetings today: an internal within a group and a meeting with external researches in order to explore implementation environments


May 28, 2008 :: 


three of our publications submitted recently are now accepted for publication at the following conferences: ICCCN 2008, IEEE PIMRC 2008, MCISC 2008.  For details, please see Publications


Apr 30, 2008 :: 


fourth general meeting – in Cambridge


Apr 22, 2008 :: 


we would like to welcome our new Research Assistant, Abdelmalik Bahir. He will be starting close work in WINES



Mar 1, 2008 :: 


progress report 5.2 and 6.1 release. The report 5.2 is backed up by a publication [Mazurkiewicz, Leung 2008] whereas ideas of 6.1 are published in [Diaz, Leung 2008]. You can find them in Publications



Jan 16, 2008 :: 


meeting in Cambridge with industrial partners, including: London Underground, Humber Bridge, Highway Maintenance Agency, BT, Thames Water.


Please have a look at the picture from our lunch.


Oct 2, 2007 ::


proper meeting with Acoustic Monitoring companies


Aug 31, 2007 ::


third general meeting of Smart Infrastructure – WINES group. Imperial College, London


Jun 13, 2007 ::


we have a pleasure to take a big step forward in Acoustic Monitoring investigations as we will cooperate with experienced industrial partners in that research. NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) signed between the companies and the project team


Jun 08, 2007 ::


meeting devoted to analysis of telecommunication research outcomes. People in the spot lights were Patryk and Mario


May 17, 2007 ::


meeting with industrial bodies specialized in Acoustic Monitoring of structures like Humber Bridge. We may cooperate with them to devise wireless AM system


Apr 23, 2007 ::


two day-long WINES workshop at Warwick University. Several WINES groups came to learn about each other’s project


Apr 19, 2007 ::


second general meeting of Smart Infrastructure – WINES group. Meeting took place at Imperial College


Mar 23, 2007 ::



Imperial College internal meeting. Current research was discussed. 3 research-presentations were shown


Feb 15, 2007 ::


a visit to Humber Bridge – case study of hands-on experience in bridge maintenance


Jan 15, 2007 ::

first website release


Nov 16, 2006 ::

kick-off meeting in Cambridge; the key issues were discussed: the scope of research of every group as well as the responsibilities of participants

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