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Today the Speech and Audio Processing group welcomed Dr Ina Kodrasi from the Signal Processing Group at the University of Oldenburg to give a research seminar. Her talk, “Joint dereverberation and noise reduction based on acoustic multi-channel equalization,” was based on her PhD work and was very well received. Thanks, Ina!

We were delighted to welcome Takuya Yoshioka for his 24 February visit to the group. Dr Yoshioka presented a great talk on robustness against reverberation for automatic speech recognition.

Details of the keynote talks and posters presented at the UKSpeech workshop Enhancement of Degraded Speech: Processing, Modelling, Evaluation on 31 October 2012 are now available.

We were delighted to welcome Ron Schafer for his 23 April visit to the group. Dr Schafer presented a fascinating and stimulating talk on ‘DSP Technology: How did it become so powerful, and what can we expect in the future?’ as part of a Speech and Audio Processing Seminar.