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Emerging Coding Techniques- Spring, 2017
Number Theory and Communications- Fall, 2016

Diophantine approximations and all that

This semester we will run a different reading group format. The format is roughly the following (expect for weeks 1 and 2): In the first hour, we will discuss a topic/paper of general interest on coding or cryptography, as usual. In the second hour, we plan to read the book Introduction to Diophantine approximation, by J. W. S. Cassels, Cambridge University Press, 1972, relatively into details.


Date Topic Reader
Monday 14-16pm, 909B
08/05 Polar codes Ling Liu and Jinwen Shi
15/05 Diophantine Approximation
Ch. I and IV
Shanxiang Lyu and Cong Ling
22/05 Lattice Index Coding
Diophantine Approximation Ch. III
Nitish Mital and ?
Wednesday 14-16pm, 909B
30/05 Learning with Errors
Diophantine Approximation Ch. V - Part I
Charlie Grover and Antonio Campello
06/06 Algebraic construction of dense lattices
Diophantine Approximation Ch. V - Part II
Conghui Li and Antonio Campello
Tuesday 10-12am, 909B
13/06 Multi-dimensional lattice partition chains
Diophantine Approximation Ch. VII
Jiabo Wang and Antonio Campello
Monday 14-16pm, 610B
19/06 Diophantine Approximations Ch. VIII
Diophantine Approximation by Algebraic Numbers
Cong Ling and Shanxiang Lyu